Bel Air

Bel Air is one of Los Angeles’ most famous neighborhoods and one of three neighborhoods that make up the Platinum Triangle. Explore below to learn more about living in Bel Air and Bel Air real estate.

Known for its affluence, beauty and central location, Bel Air is considered to be a prime Westside neighborhood. Bel Air has had its own organization since 1942 called the Bel Air Association which according to the association’s website is “dedicated to preserving the life-style and property-values of our renowned residential community.”

Bel Air is home to the iconic Hotel Bel Air, known for its gorgeous gardens and celebrity sightings. Opened in 1920, Hotel Bel Air reopened in October 2011 after undergoing 24 months of renovation.  Also located within Bel Air is the Bel Air Country Club, an exclusive members only golf club.

Bel Air is less than 10 miles from the beach and a little over 15 miles to downtown. Nearby neighborhoods include Brentwood (West),Westwood (South), Beverly Hills Post Office (East) and Sherman Oaks (North). Bel Air is only minutes from the heart of Beverly Hills, making it a great alternative for those looking to be close to the shops and restaurants located in Beverly Hills. Bel Air is also less than 10 miles to Santa Monica and West Hollywood.


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